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When can I buy another of the item I missed out on?

All of the items are unique and one of a kind. Therefore there is only one of each! If you missed out, unfortunately we are not able to get another item that is the same. However if there is a style or item that you loved, contact us as we can hopefully notify you when a similar item comes in! If not, keep your eyes peeled for new items that will be arriving regularly. 

How do i know what size I am?

As vintage sizing can sometimes be quite different compared to sizing that we have today, we go out of our way to provide you with as much detail as possible for each item. We do provide measurements for each item, which will be your best guide to determine if the item is correct for you!

How do i care for my vintage item properly?

Due to the age and delicacy of each vintage item, it's recommend that you dry clean pretty much everything unless stated otherwise on the tag. We would hate for your 50 year old dress to be ruined in the wash! So please take care when washing your item. 

Will my item have markings or a faded colour?

Due to each item being quite old, there will be items that have had some wear and tear due to their journeys over the years! We like to maintain high quality vintage clothes for you, however if there is a detail about an item that is there, we will provide you with that information in the description of the item. There may be a faded colour, a slight mark however we love and respect that these items have their own story and character! If you have any additional questions about an item, please don't hesitate to contact us.

How can I use my promo code?

If you have a promo code that will enable you to receive a discount, after you have added all the items to your card, please go to PROCEED TO CHECKOUT. You will then have the option to add your discount code or promo code to your order. If you're having trouble with your promo code, please contact us.